Sleeping Positions During Early Pregnancy-Sleeping Correctly When Pregnant

Published: 02nd July 2010
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Pregnant women face many changes throughout the nine months of their pregnancy. Their top priority is making sure they have a safe and healthy pregnancy. One of the considerations that they need to reflect on is their sleeping positions during early pregnancy.

Being pregnant is actually both a blessing as well as a challenge for every woman. First and foremost, it is a blessing because a woman will soon have their own angel that they can be proud of. The second feeling of being pregnant is a challenge. This is because you need to make sure that you sleep in a proper position for you to make sure that your baby is safe from harm. With that, many women who are pregnant are given advice and suggestion by doctors with regards to the right position in sleeping. So what is really the right way of sleeping during early pregnancy?

According to doctors, women who are pregnant must make sure that they sleep on a side position especially facing the left side. You might ask, what is the relevance of having the left side of your body when you sleep? Well, according to doctors, sleeping on your left side is important as the liver is located on the right side of your body. Now, when you sleep on your left side, you are avoiding the unnecessary pressure that might be suffered by the liver. In addition to that, pregnant women will surely be confident that they will have a good blood flow especially when it comes to their uterus as well as the fetus.

A great investment for pregnant women is a maternity pillow. These full body pillows help keep expecting mothers comfortably in the side sleeping position all through the night. A maternity pillow will surely be of great help to you especially in maintaining the right sleeping positions during early pregnancy that will help you have a safe and cozy sleep.

Learning the correct sleeping positions during early pregnancy coupled with a maternity pillow can help you sleep great all throughout your pregnancy. Learn which maternity pillows expecting moms love best at

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